OBIDI Love Bonanza

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What's your full name + stage name?


When did you start your music career?

Started as an amateur in 2012 then professionally in 2016

Why did you get into it?

For the love, passion and to inspire people with my music

What are the challenges you experienced? 

The basic challenge has always been the inabilty to properly promote my works

What's been your biggest achievement?

I had an in international feature with a producer in France #mighty yet to be released and I did the national anthem of united states of America (USA) , which drew a lot of recognition globally

What's your biggest disappointment if any?

I campaigned for popular Politician back then in my university days (IMO state university) but she did not win, thought that would have been my major break though because I was the one who did her campaign song

Asides music, what else do you do? farming

What motivates you to do music and what level of success are you setting out for?

My mum and life in general,what am going through and what I am yet to be. they all motivate me. I want my music globally recognised, and a living legend and also owing a record company

How would you rate the evolution of music in Nigeria?

Do you think there is enough support? Major support comes from individual not government.... From the scale of 1-10 ...I would say 6...because we are still growing

If you were given the opportunity to work with someone in the industry, who would that be? Wande coal

For your fans, what message do you have for them?

Never give up on your dreams.... Be consistent in whatever you do, because dreams come true

What are the best three words that describes you?

Humble ...funny and God fearing